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A Bit of Ted's Biography

The first child of Theodore Brassard and Ellen Therese Perkins, I was born in Fulton, NY on May 1, 1930. My parents worked in the weaving mills of that period and had migrated there from New Market, NH looking for employment. They returned to New England several years after I was born. It was the era of the great depression and much of my philosophy and outlook on life was formed by it.

Early in life I was bent on working in the field of agriculture and began to prepare myself by attending and graduating from Bristol County Agricultural School in Dighton, Massachusetts. However, the intervention of the Korean conflict, marriage, and the rearing of a large family changed the course of my life and I ended up spending many years employed in industry.

Now I am semi-retired and working part time maintaining a computerized drawing system for a small firm in Ward Hill, Mass. Genealogy is one of my many hobbies and interests. It s one I have pursued for more than a quarter century and still find it of great interest.

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The Goals of This Web Page

Our goals for this Web page are to establish it as a genealogy help page oriented towards our family's genealogy with names we have researched along with information and links we have found helpful. We often add links that we find interesting and want to share with others.

We also hope for and are looking for help from everyone that accesses our web site if they have any information about any of our ancestors. Our interest is not only in the names and their connections with our ancestors, but we want to learn about the history, places, and the little stories that make them come alive for us.

If you connected with this page purposely or by accident we would appreciate any comments, positive or negative, that you may have, if you have the time and the inclination to do so. You can send them to the address shown at the bottom of this page. You can address your note to either Pat or Ted depending on whose ancestry you are interested in.


Gedcom and Text Files

Descendants of Antoine Brassard The ancestral file for "The Brassard Families" of North America has had many more additions and corrections made. It is so large now that I have put it in a zip format to save space on my server. The file at the present time has 10,670 individuals, 5,293 marriages and 725 place cards. (REVISED December 29, 1999)

Ted Brassard Pedigree Gedcom This is the gedcom for Ted's ancestors. It is 272k bytes long. (REVISED October 24, 1999)

Ted Brassard Surname Index This is a text file listing all ancestor surnames recorded to date for Ted Brassard's ancestry. It has been revised so that ancestors are listed by frequency of occurrence. about 7k bytes long. (ADDED 10/13/97 and REVISED October 29, 1999)

Pat (O'Connell) Brassard Pedigree Gedcom This is the gedcom for Pat's ancestors and it includes a lot of old New England names. There are also some Palatine names in her ancestry. It is about 36k bytes long. (REVISED 1/16/98)

Pat (O'Connell) Brassard Surname Index This is a text file listing all ancestor surnames recorded to date for Pat's ancestry. It is about 1k bytes long. (ADDED 10/13/97)

Brossard Gedcom This is the Gedcom for some of the descendants of Isaac Urbain Brossard the first of that surname in Canada. It is about 195k in length and contains 2,172 individuals, 976 marriages, and 147 place cards at the present time. (ADDED 10/21/98 and REVISED April 23, 1999)

Harold A text file concerning the data accumulated on my Harold ancestors in New Brunswick. It includes info on the Nason and Tracy families.  It is about 9k bytes in length. If you know anything about these family lines please drop me a note. (REVISED 7/27/98)

A Perkins family of New Brunswick A text file concerning Richard Perkins of New Brunswick. It is about 12k bytes in length. If you know anything about this family, the places, or events please drop me a note.

Isaac Perkins Family Line  A GEDCOM for the descendants of Isaac Perkins of New Brunswick who arrived in the Spring fleet of 1783. It is about 50k bytes in length. If you know anything about this family, the places, or events please drop me a note. (NEW as of Feb.20, 2000)

What Name  Find out why my surname is Brassard--you might be surprised--but then again, maybe not.

DeLong Family Notes  An article and genealogy about one DeLong family line that originated in The Netherlands


The links that follow can take you to special pages we have made up for certain groups of our ancestors. Just click on the highlighted links to get there for a visit. At the bottom of each page you will find a link to bring you back here. Have a nice trip!

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Go Back In Time To Germany . . . Visit With Our Palatine Ancestors

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