Company History
    Ark Internet Consultants (AIC) is a privately owned company located in Waco, Texas and was
    established in 1983 following the relocation of the owner (John R. Brassard) to Waco and
    his subsequent employment as a senior systems analyst at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center.
    John Brassard has over 45 years experience with a wide variety of computer systems used in
    research, education, and healthcare. He received his master's degree in mathematics from
    the University of Houston while working both as a business and scientific programmer/analyst
    at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) during the Apollo Moon Landing. His analytical and
    problem-solving abilities quickly advanced him into the largest and most complex technical
    projects at the JSC and later at other organizations. He also worked as an applied mathematician
    in neurophysiological research for four years. 
Mr. Brassard has broad experience with every major hardware/software vendor ranging from mainframes to personal computers. As a programmer/analyst, systems analyst, webmaster, network/e-mail administrator, and MIS manager, he has extensive experience with all major computer languages as well as operating system and application software running on a wide range of computers, local and wide area networks, and the Internet. He also has installed company-wide virtual private networks and secure-client, mainframe access using the Internet. Throughout his career Mr. Brassard has been responsible for the evaluation, selection, installation, training, and maintenance associated with computer and network hardware/software systems. For many years he has provided technical consultation to various institutions and organizations. He has also published several scientific papers and articles related to biomedical research, healthcare, and information management. Mr. Brassard currently is the senior computing consultant for AIC and lives in Waco, Texas. He has five grown children.

Ark Internet's Expertise
    We possess the talent to manage a wide range of information systems projects and to 
    develop and implement sophisticated networks (internal and external) for any size 
    organization. We offer a broad range of services in the PC/Network area, can stay focused 
    on delivery of services, and need not maintain technical staff overhead.
Ark Internet Consultants for a presentation on how your organization can benefit from the network/information management expertise AIC offers.

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